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I own no emotion...I rent.

Renting out the Roger/Mark love
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Hi, I'm your mod, strawberrych1c and welcome to the Roger/Mark community!

Fucking artists:

1) an exclaimation of either digust or joy at artists
2) painters, sculpters, musicians, filmmakers, etc
3) artists banging each other
4) Roger Davis and Mark Cohen

Huh? Who are Roger and Mark?

Roger and Mark are two main characters in the award-winning Broadway musical Rent (written by the late Jonathan Larson).

What's Rent about?

Short Sypnosis: Rent is the story of La Boheme, set in modern day. It follows a struggling musician named Roger and his roommate Mark, who is an aspiring filmmaker. Roger has been diagnosed with AIDS and Mark (whose girlfriend has left him for another woman) has tried on many failed attempts to get his friend out of their warehouse loft and live life. However, when Roger meets Mimi, a HIV+ drug addict, he learns how to live each day with passion.

How can I can find more about AIDS?

http://www.aids.org/ This website has FAQs, facts, and ways to prevent the AIDS virus.

What if Rent isn't playing around where I live?

It's currently playing in New York but in case you live too far away, the movie Rent will be coming out November 2005. The movie will be rated R.


- the lj-cut. All fics, pictures, icons, etc need to have a cut. It's simple and not too much to ask to just use it. It looks like this (without the stars):


Easy peasy.

- all fics must have this:

Rating: G to NC17
Summary: (this can be as long or as short as you like)
Warning: (only necessary if there's rape or non-sexual violence. Everything else like drugs and dying are in the play, and therefore don't need a warning)
Disclaimer: (Ex: I do not own Roger, Mark and Rent)


- as long as the post is Roger/Mark-related, it's accepted. Icons, fics, pictures, dreams...it's all good AS LONG THERE IS R/M

- no flaming. If you don't like this community, go away. If you don't like a fic, offer the author some constructive advice.

Disclaimer: I am no way affiliated with the story or the characters.

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